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Mount Calvary Baptist Church focuses on community empowerment, cultural awareness, economic development, health maintenance, family building, biblical values, and educational reinforcement to glorify God. Glorifying God is done in many ways and we believe that when certain areas of our lives are strengthened, it overflows into another. Being able to maintain a healthy balance and build up everyone we come across. As a Bible Believing Church, Committed to Christ and Committed to the Community, we commit ourselves to make disciples of Christ by following these principles:

Exalting God
Evangelizing the world for Christ
Educating Christians toward spiritual maturity
Equipping & Empowering Christians for ministry
Encouraging Christians
Effectively & Efficiently administering within the ministry
Doing all of this to the glory of God and with Excellence

Our History

The Lord has continuously blessed Mount Calvary Baptist Church throughout the years.
1936 – Mount Calvary Baptist Church was organized as a branch of the Elizabeth Baptist Church and established as a mission.

1938 – Rev. Alex Sales completed the steps of getting the mission chartered in Canton, Ohio. The Church was officially named Mount Calvary Baptist Church and services were held at 118 East Voris Street.

1945 – Mount Calvary Baptist Church moved to the corner of Miami Street and Voris Street.

1961 – City of Akron bought the property on the corner of Miami and Voris and services were held in a rental property on McCoy Avenue.

1964 – New location founded at 442 Bell Street.

Past Pastors of Mount Calvary Baptist Church:
Rev. Alex Sales (Founder)(Deceased) 1937-1950
Rev. Charles Carter (Deceased) 1951-1961
Rev. Samuel Johnson 1961-1964
Rev. K.L. Braziel(Deceased) 1966-1970
Rev. Ralph Hughley 1972-1978
Rev. Carl Reaves 1979-1980
Dr. Joseph C. Ford, Jr.(Deceased) 1981-1986
Rev. Jeffrey A. Dennis 1988-present

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